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A Gain...

So yesterday I was reviewing things sweet, wonderful friend Jaymes sent me yet another perspective on again...

A gain. Perhaps this is why we go round and round? To increase our gain...gain in understanding, compassion, love, interest, knowledge, growth.

Is it possible that each time we are asked to do something again that we are really being given a gain?

I am involved in a spiritual practice that involves increasing or gaining merit. Every kind act, thought, deed increases my merit in this world and all worlds hereafter...karmic law really dictates that for every opportunity I am given to increase or gain in compassionate understanding, I am also being provided an opportunity to refuse to gain in this manner. And karma really is just an accumulation of opportunities un-gained.

Perhaps overly simplistic but it works for me. Again is now something that I welcome.

Sentences that used to cause me discontent now have new meaning:

“Not this again!” Is suddenly transformed into

“This a gain...”

“I have to do it again?” Becomes...

“I get a gain”

I know that it is a tiny difference but aren’t all major perspective shifts? My world is not suddenly turned 180 degrees - it is shifted in micro degrees all the time and that gives new meaning to old issues, problems, challenges, hardship, and opportunities.

Life can change on a dime but really it is a continuing series of micro adjustments to our attitudes, behavior and intentions that eventually bring us to those amazing paradigm shifts that really do, in fact, change everything.

Again is always going to happen...whether I like it, embrace it, resist it, hate it - perhaps next time I am bemoaning again...I will pause for yet another micro second and remember that again is also a gain and in every gain a loss exists as well.

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