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Cat Playlists...

I never knew my cats would be fans of Salt N Pepa.  Really, it kinda threw me last night when Seamus turned on the apple home pod and began rocking out to this 80s gem.  I would have thought him a more Nirvana type or maybe classic rock.  Or even a nice Irish drinking song.  But turns out the cat has some very interesting listening interests.

Of course, I am kidding.  My cats do not really listen to music.  They are just all over the place all the time so they are constantly turning on the home pods which then kick up music unexpectedly.

Last night as I wound myself down from a very busy weekend, it happened again but this time I saw the humor in it and an attendant blog post.

I am sure some of you are wondering, “where the fuck is she gonna go with this one?”

Truth be told - I haven’t a clue.  It is just another one of those random things that happen in my life that land in me in a particular manner that makes me think...and feel and then write about.

I am not sure I have any stellar message today about cats and playlists.  But I will tell you I am fucking fond of both:  music and cats.  Although one of the cats has decided to use my bed as a litter box recently and I will tell you that I was NOT a fan of.  In fact, I was very upset and mildly apoplectic.  (Ok, that is a lie, I was wildly apoplectic).

I have this weird thing where I remember song lyrics from pretty much every song I have ever heard beginning in the 1960s to present day.  I can’t remember your name five minutes after you tell it to me, or sometimes, even after I have known you awhile. But song lyrics from forty years ago, those I got all day.

Seamus seems to have similar taste in music which is some dreadful combination of pop, rap, folk, country, hard rock, punk and a few show tunes thrown in.  I knew I like that cat.  He is my otter cat. He looks and behaves like an otter.  We call him an “odder” cat because it is funny and because he looks otter like and behaves in an ever odder fashion.  He is also obsessed with water so no matter where he is in the house, if you turn on a faucet, he will about break his neck to get there to see it.

And as it turns out, my cats are a lot like my eclectic musical tastes.  I have the otter, the bad boy, the roller derby girl, the sweet heart and the loving but somewhat annoying one that bites your toes to get attention. 

So if you come to my house, chances are I have a song and a cat for everyone’s taste.  And the songs, like the cats, are plentiful.

I am not sure why I have to overdo everything in my life, but it appears that I do with cats, with music, with apple home pods in every single room.  I seem to have adopted the life motto, “if something can be overdone, it shall.”

Not really sure how I ended up here at 54 with too many cats and song lyrics and devices to play them on, but here I am.  And I can say, without reservation, it is a fucking wonderful life.

I am really getting to enjoy Seamus’ playlist.  Come over sometime and he will hook you up with some wild antics, some sweet cuddles and some rocking tunes.  This is apparently how we roll now.

What a life!  I am so very happy that I didn’t miss it!  I never thought that cat playlists and my life would be so interesting but the gifts just keep coming...just like the hits on my cat’s playlist!

Seamus is the handsome one on the far left...

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