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Day 148 - LEAP Day Reflections

So yesterday I arrogantly instituted a new every four year holiday - LEAP Day. A day dedicated to learning, evolving and progressing. I challenged every one to use this day to push themselves into growth. I requested people to share their experiences. So I will start with mine. This is how I spent my extra day...

Writing -

I do this every day but today I wrote the entire time with gratitude for all that writing does for me and to me. I can honestly say that I would not be me without it. Sharing my inner thoughts, regardless of what you think or whether you approve, has healed me in ways that I didn’t even know needed healing. I learn about me through writing to you.

Puttering -

I spent part of my day just cleaning up my yard. Adding some plants here and there. Getting rid of some broken crap and just neatening up. I learned that I actually love my house. I love what I have done with it. I love my space. I love walking around the grounds and seeing what my mind created in reality. I love all the things I have added. I love all the ideas I have to create more. I love that I got a letter yesterday from a celebrity that wants to buy my house! I learned that I am not the only one that sees how lovely this place is. I learned that I was grateful for what I had.

Reading -

It was a beautiful spring day. I decided to honor it by laying in the sun with a book. I wanted to just feel the sun on my skin and read. It was lovely. Not really hot and not really cool. It was almost neutral outside...So I laid out in my backyard topless and welcomed the sun. The topless part came because I was afraid to do it despite the fact that no one could see me. So I pushed my comfort zone and learned that I liked the sense of freedom I gained with the risk.

Yoga -

Instead of just doing my normal daily practice, I decided to do something different in honor of LEAP Day. I went to an actual class. I saw a woman I know there and it was lovely catching up with her. Learning about her life, her struggles, her pain, her joy. I learned that my daily practice serves me well and I am stronger because of it. But I also learned that I get comfortable and do not push myself very hard. Class was a challenge for me. I learned that I still hate downward facing dog or really any pose that involves my hamstrings. Fuck, why are those so hard for me? I also learned that my body’s aging is a real thing. I hurt in places that didn’t used to hurt. I am pained and this is likely going to get worse. I learned that yoga is not just a fun thing to do, it is necessary for me. I need it. I learned that taking a class can show me where I have grown and also the areas I need growth. I learned that I will be now attending a class on Saturdays.

Hiking -

I hiked a new trail. A beautiful new trail that I have never hiked before despite the fact that it is right down the street from my house. I was transported somewhere else. I can’t believe I live here. I can’t believe I have access to this place all the time. I can’t believe that I live in this amazing, beautiful place. I learned that my love for hiking is deeply ingrained and I need the wider perspective it offers.

Watching -

I spent the evening eating nachos and ice cream with my daughter. We snuggled on the couch and watched Netflix. Finishing the final episode of “You”. I learned that my life is really boring and tame and no matter what level of dysfunction I am operating on, it doesn’t compare to that guy! Jeez. I learned that I love spending Saturday evenings with her. I learned that she is the best person to snuggle with on the couch. I learned things about her and her friends because she felt close enough to me to tell me and I was present enough to listen. I learned that I am lucky to have her in my life. I learned that teenagers actually do want you around - they are not just content with their friends and that she needs contact with me to put her own life in order and make sense.

Balancing -

I spent the day working, resting, relaxing, pushing and moving. When I crawled into bed, my head was full of my day in a good way, my body carried with it the effects of my movements of the day, and my spirit was full of all that I learned in this extra day. I am going to call this evolution. I feel like yesterday was a day that I grew as a person. I was present and I allowed the day to unfold, simply with the intention that whatever happened, that it all be about learning, evolving and progressing.

Yesterday, I did that. I learned. I evolved. I progressed. It was one of the best days I have had in a long, long time.

I hope your LEAP Day was as productive and wonderful. May we all help each other to make more of our days LEAP Days and not just sit idle for four years. I am grateful for the journey, the long walk part of the gift. I am grateful to be here, right now. I am going to keep going...

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