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Day 177 - Messages from Hawks

A weird thing has been happening to me lately...weirder than usual.

I am seeing hawks everywhere. I mean like multiple times a day. I see them soaring, hovering, on light posts, flying through fields I am walking in, over my house, at the beach. They are everywhere.

I live in the country so that might have led me to think that it is no coincidence or big deal. I am right there with you except that I am seeing them every single day. If this were a movie of my life, I would be being followed by one particular hawk that has a tractor beam on me.

Now I am sure that there is probably a very scientific reason as to why there are so many hawks right now, but I don’t know it and I am not really sure I would believe it anyhow. Since I have spent my life looking for meaning, I am going to look there...again.

I am spending more time outside lately due to the whole quarantine situation, but I spent a lot of time outside before...and I didn’t see this many hawks. They are waiting for me in trees at the end of trails. They are soaring the thermals above me as I hike alone on relatively deserted paths. They hover over me as I watch the sun go down at the beach. They are on the telephone polls along the roads I drive.

I am trying to remember when I first started seeing them all the time. I always noticed them but there presence didn’t really gain significance until more recently when I finally became aware of just how often I was seeing them and that was somewhat of an anomaly.

I was joking the other day about spirit animals. A friend I was talking to asked if I had one. I said no, then realized that perhaps I do and just wasn’t aware...hawks. So I looked it up...

“The hawk symbolizes the ability to use intuition and higher vision in order to complete tasks or make important decisions. ... Hawks represent the messengers of the spirit world, so seeing them definitely means the universe wants you to learn powerful lessons or expand your knowledge and wisdom.”

This led me to think that maybe these hawks are showing up for all of us to show us the lessons and expand our knowledge. Regardless if I am the only one who sees them everywhere, they are showing up for us and I am a believer in no accidents or coincidence.

What I realized about my own behavior is that ever since this whole ordeal started I have been looking up more. My attention has become more spacious and less honed. I have time in my day now to walk outside and gaze upwards. When I am hiking, I am looking up and searching the sky for something. What I am finding is hawks...specifically red tailed hawks.

“Spiritual Meaning of the Red Tail Hawk~ Part of the Role for the individual beside whom Red Tailed Hawk flies is that of Guardian of the Earth Mother. These are individuals who will possess an astute awareness of the concept of the interconnectedness of all things, and will have an inner reverence for all life.” Facebook - Pipekeepers Post - May 7, 2015.

I know that I am not the only one that is seeing and getting a very astute lesson in the interconnectedness of all things or a reverence for life. We are all there. How can we not be?

I see it and feel it and experience it. I always have. I am the kind of person who feels absolutely horrible about killing ants when they invade my home and swarm the cat food bowl in my kitchen. I am in some way connected to these tiny creatures and it makes me upset to have to get rid of them. I have literally asked them to please not come in my house anymore.

An ex-boyfriend used to think I was nuts how much I loved animals, how inconvenienced I would make myself to accommodate their needs. He would have been super disappointed at the conversation I had with the ants. He wouldn’t have understood.

I was just born with this connection to these tiny speechless creatures. I feel their pain as my own pain. I see their suffering. I am present for it. The other day I spent an hour watching the bees buzz about my lavender plants and the ants greet each other as they forged across my front porch. I marveled in their simplicity and extravagance at the same time.

I guess I have always seen how we are all interconnected to each other. From the smallest insect to the human race. We all need each other to survive. All of us the bearers of equanimity so that survival is possible for us all.

So I have a message for the hawks...I see you. I am awake. I am watching and I am present. I am willing to be led to where I am supposed to go. I am open to the message even if I may not like it. I am willing to slow down and see, really see the world I live in. I am open to the message and pray that my head doesn’t insert itself and mess it up.

I am willing to expand my consciousness. I am willing to receive. I am open to whatever use I may have that I am not currently fulfilling. I am willing to use this intuition to learn the lessons of the hawk. I am open to it all.

I have spent a lot of my early life in crises, most of which were created by me. However, I have learned that my intuition has never been wrong. That guy I thought was a jerk the moment I met him - I was right. That job that I thought was off somehow - I was right. What I have learned since I turned down the drama and trauma is that there is this undercurrent in my life that is always giving me information about the world around me. If I am spiritually fit, I can see things on a deeper level. I can feel things more deeply. I can be present and sense things. My powers of perception are actually quite good before intellect kind of ruins it all.

So I am making the choice to see these hawks as messengers. I am willing to use my powers of intuition to guide me towards whatever crazy new reality awaits us. I am grateful that I have been reoriented to look towards the heavens because I find spirit there and meaning and comfort. I welcome the new lessons of the new world order. I am willing to see without commentary or storyline. I am willing to deploy higher wisdom...the kind I am receiving from the hawks.

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