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Day 189 - Autocorrect & Good Boring

So I don’t know about any of you but my relationship with autocorrect is a bit of a downer. Like I don’t feel like it gets me. I have never ever in my life used the word ducking...and don’t intend to...ever. However, every time I try to type one of my favorite words, it substitutes ducking instead.

There are many glaring examples...

I won’t bother repeating them all - you already know.

However, most of us have it turned on because it is really more helpful than not...most of the time. And sometimes it results in hilarity. What is sent instead of what is meant is pretty damn funny.

Duck you.

I am so ducking done.

For duck’s sake

You get the idea...

But every once in awhile autocorrect gives me something awesome! I have a group of people that I email or text every morning. The other morning I was typing good morning...and autocorrect changed it to be good boring instead...

I immediately went to irritation but then stopped. I started to laugh because that, given today’s climate and circumstance, feels like a more appropriate greeting. So I left it. Besides getting a chuckle from its recipient, I have a new way to start all conversations.

So Good Boring to you!

It kind of says it all but I will throw out my thoughts just the same.

I really do wish us all a good boring. The days are stretching out in this endless day running into the next. Sleeping attire and daytime attire are really just becoming one outfit and we aren't even trying to hide that anymore. Weekends have become immaterial yet so needed. I am not sure why never leaving my house is such an issue, I should have so much more time on my hands, yet time management seems to be something that escapes me. I have actually been busier than ever before...I will be the first to admit that managing my time is an issue. It isn’t that I am doing mindless stuff that is wasting my time, it is just that I feel so bare with all the permeable boundaries now. Overnight I became teacher, house cleaner, grocery shopper, remote worker, pet organizer, care taker, crisis manager, task creator, juggler, dinner preparer, laundry doer, project completer, self care manager. Now a lot of these titles I had already but now it seems that I am all of them at once! I will not lie, somedays I am completely overwhelmed.

This is why the Good Boring greeting is so fitting. I really do wish some boredom on us all. Time where there are not endless things to do, time where we can lay on the couch and be bored...seriously bored. When was the last time you were bored? For me I am pretty sure it was the summer of 1982. None of my friends were available and TV sucked. I made a commitment after that summer to never be bored again and I think I have kind of rocked that commitment.

Now I am looking at boredom another way. I am kind of craving the ability to enjoy being bored. To be agendaless. To be ok with nothing to do and nowhere to go. To just be, exist in the moment with no idea of what to do with it. I am not good at this which is why I am wishing you all a good boring. May you find delight in the mundane. Enjoy hanging your head upside down off your bed while staring at the ceiling for no particular reason whatsoever. Walk aimlessly around your home and yard (if you are lucky enough to have your own private outdoor space) and just be bored. Sit on the couch and just marvel at the home you created without creating a list of things that need correcting or cleaning.

When was the last time you were bored? When was the last time you welcomed it? When was the last time you were happy with nothing?

For me, 1982...

So I am going to work on being bored. Making space in my life that is free from my endless to do lists. My constant and incessant need to accomplish and achieve and create. I am going to relax and try to find enjoyment in the boring, stay at home culture we now all find ourselves. My most humble and sincere wish is that you, every day, have a good boring.

PS If you aren't sure where to even begin...ask your dog.

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