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Day 2 - Ummmm

What did I just do?

I didn't think this through...does this also mean no sex for a year?!?!?

I am not sure that I can do that...seriously.

This no sex issue is just going to have to be a day at a time kind of thing...

So today, day 2 - no dating, no men and no sex. I will claim today and give the whole year no sex thing a chance to percolate. That seems way past any length...and not really possible.

It caused me to think..."when was the last time I went a year without sex?"

Embarrassingly I remembered...when I was married. Which then reminded me why I am no longer married and that reminded me about how grateful I am to not be married and then that led to me to eat 6 ice cream sandwiches in celebration. I think I also might have bought 4 new pairs of shoes...I am nothing if not a myriad of addictive patterns.

So now fatter in the tummy and lighter in the wallet - I am happy to be single...just for today.

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