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Day 301 - Big Sur...Again.

It is a place I keep returning to, like it contains some part of my soul that I lost or misplaced or need. I love it here and feel an immediate sense of peace and comfort upon arrival.

Last night we drove into the mountains with no plans, no place to stay and a vague idea that camping on the side of the road would be ok. It was. I woke to this view this morning, alone on the side of the road. I sit writing this while the fog rolls in over the canyon while the faint noise of rushing water makes it way up the walls of the gorge. Birds are just waking and I sit in my comfy chair, a splurge purchase yesterday at Bed, Bath and Beyond that has paid off in spades.

Last night we made it to Moonstone beach just in time to pull over, throw out the chairs and watch the sunset in wonder and awe for all that the natural world holds. I was struck how beautiful simple things are and how much I really enjoy, in a most profound way, the simplicity nature provides.

The fog comes in and gathers itself, asserting its rightful, inland empire, holds it ground as if it will never lose it, when it and I know that it will be beaten again today by the sun’s radiance. But for now, it has its stronghold over my vista and it is winning.

I am struck by how many opposite and opposing forces there are in nature. Much like within me. I am quiet and calm yet prone to bursts of energy and sometimes, anger. I am loving and kind but I can cut you with words that wound. Nature brings the fog like some silent, enemy invader and once the fog has one and everything is covered in dew, nature brings the sun, to evaporate the mist.

There is a balance to it all. A simplicity of opposite and contrary actions that provide a stability and balance to the whole of life. Ying, Yang.

It strikes me that that is the nature of nature. A constant, relentless balancing act, with life being the purpose of the journey. To find those balancing points where all is perfectly situated and calm. To be in harmony with the physical world as well as the interior one. But not to take it all so seriously...that the fog will come and so will the sun. The sun’s arrival will not stop the fog from coming again. The battle never won, just waged every day. Some days, the fog wins, some days the sun. Both are enjoyable if you can wedge yourself right there in the moment without a thought or care about what happens next. It is all just nature’s brilliant plan: life in moments that are sometimes foggy and sometimes sunny.

For this moment, I am going to put away my distractions and just watch nature’s show. It is for me, you know. And for you. I am going to watch the fog move down onside of the canyon and up the other and begin to swirl closer to my chair. I am going to wait for the sun to crest the mountain and see if I can see the moment fog gives way to the sun today. I am pretty sure that the whole of life can be found right there.

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