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Day 303 - A No Reception, Reception

I am sitting on a beach, listening to seals call out the morning, in front of a fire. The sun is cresting the hillside to my north and shadow still wins the fight to the south. I am without cell service and I have to say that it is grand. I am not checking in with anyone, about anything and it feels very good. Not that I don’t miss my life and the people I have left behind. Just that I am really enjoying having no reception.

Funny word means to receive but it can mean a party after a wedding or it can mean being able to communicate with the outside world.

I am getting the former by missing the later...

My lack of cell reception has created an invitation to nature’s party. A large event that is poorly attended by people but it replete with sea life, wildlife, waves, rocky coastlines that go on for days and resplendent trees that reach for the heavens. It is a party of one every morning when I wake early to greet the new day. I receive the day in its most awesome form, new and fresh and full of endless possibilities. I am grateful to be the only one up as the sun returns and to receive the offering each sunrise provides.

No reception has provided me my own personal reception of beauty, joy, quiet, solitude, joy and equanimity. I begin as the day begins. Untethered from who and what I was before, fresh and nimble in my nacent form. I am here, right now, enjoying being received into nature’s loving embrace. There is no place else I would rather be.

So I am going to go enjoy my reception which lacks reception. I am going to do some yoga, paddle out to see what the seals are up to and make my daughter some breakfast. I am receiving quite a lot by losing reception. But isn't that how I always gain, by losing first. I feel lost and in that I feel found which was exactly what I was hoping for...

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