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Day 305 -Going Rogue...

So I woke up yesterday morning in a stop over campsite that was lovely if not a bit sparse. We wanted to get to Oregon today so it was kind of down and dirty last night and what it lacked in amenities, it made up for in view.

I woke up to a flurry of text messages from my Airbnb guests about someone breaking into the rental last night. They oddly didn’t take anything but creepily left the doors open, broke the gate and knocked over their bikes. So I spent all morning talking to police and never did get a call back from Airbnb. I guess they are busy...doing what I am not sure. So I had a rogue former guest go further rogue by invading my rental in the middle of the night in some sort of strange delusion that she had the right to be there. I won’t bore you with the myriad of other details. Suffice it to say that my day started off with someone else’s rogueness impacting my world...

We recovered from that nastiness and got on the road. Here is a little secret I learned today...if you go walk amongst giant redwoods that are older than time, you get perspective on whatever ails you, torments you or consumes you. A short walk in the presence of ginormous, sheltering trees will right your world faster than anything else I have ever known. The gentle, stable sentries whispered to me to let go of my troubles, give them over to them and walk out of the forest free. When colossal, magnificent trees tell you in a quiet wood what to do, what else is there to do but listen?

So I turned over all the drama to their benevolence and drove through the redwoods humbled by all they have seen, survived and delighted in. The happy families, the quiet rains, the unsettling fires. Wars have been won and lost, people have been born and died, centuries come and gone yet they remain. Stalwart heroes that guard our most sacred and fundamental need...oxygen.

So I took a deep breath and let it all go. The fear, frustration, feeling of powerlessness. I just let it all fall away and be with them.

We made our way into Oregon and explored the stunning coastline. So similar to California, yet so completely different. I walked around Arch Rock vista and was humbled by the rockiness of the shores, the greenness of the trees and sea blueness of the water. The mist adding mystery and longing for good measure.

As I drove away I felt better, my difficult morning now righted by the forces of nature, the great moveable ocean tides and the quiet stillness of massive redwoods. I left my troubles in their able hands and untethered myself again upon the day.

We arrived in Gold Beach and found our own rogueness. The Rogue River called to us and we answered. Five hours on the river seemed fitting and much needed. I highly recommend fighting rogue with least the rogue we found today.

As we climbed off the boat at dusk, cold and wet and exhausted from the day, I thought of just how much rogue had matched rogue. I was offered rogue and answered with a rogue of my own. I am so grateful for the day, all of it. The upheaval, fear and frustration was perfect for getting me out of myself and into the day. I had to work to enjoy my morning because I was worried about my life at home and how very far away it all was for me. I felt lost and powerless in an unsettling way.

But after a few precious hours on the Rogue River, I felt powerless in a much better way. The river took me to places I had never been. And some that I don’t get to frequent as often: cuddling with my teenager on a boat surrounded by nature and wildlife.

It was a fantastic day in all the rogueness. I am grateful that I found a way to pair rogue with rogue. Tonight I sleep next to this river in a campsite that no one lands in by accident...I can hear the water rushing by, calling me to return at daylight for another dose of rogue... and what is one to do by obey that call? Rogue answers only to rogue after all...

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