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Day 309 - A Loving Truth...

I was talking to a friend yesterday. I was trying to sort through some stuff and I reached out to her because I really appreciate her wisdom and guidance. She is a see’er of things and I love her perspective. She is also one of those people who can tell you the truth without it feeling like you are being eviscerated. That is a rare and delightful gift.

I am going to save the details for another day but she was able to help me see all the times previous that I was less than honest to myself. About myself. About my life. She was able in a short conversation to show me that I know things that I am sometimes afraid to admit or own or haul out into the day light.

So yesterday I got to spend some time with this loving truth about me, how I am and have that just be ok. I can see the incongruence of what I say and what I do...I can feel it. Before my road trip, I thought I was doing one thing, when really I was doing something else completely. She was able to show me yesterday that I have actually been doing the same thing all my life, I just couldn’t see the truth because it loomed so large in front of me, that it was all I saw, so I couldn’t see anything else...

Perhaps none of this is making sense, perhaps I am just not willing to share it yet. Whatever the reason, I just want to give a shout out to a friend who will tell you the truth in a loving way. Someone who can point out to you, how much they love you and see you at the same time. It is truly a gift. I feel so blessed to have her in my inner circle. I hope that someday I am able to give back what she gave to me yesterday...this loving perspective that I was right on top of...but couldn’t really see.

Sometimes the truth can be ugly and painful and exhausting. Yesterday it was a refreshing breeze on a hot day that was both affirming and loving and just true. After we hung up the phone, I felt lighter than I had in years. Like I had been carrying a heavy load that I could now just put down and walk away...righting myself after decades of a posture that was functional but not really comfortable.

Thank you my friend, for helping me see this most loving truth. I pray that I am able to return the favor some day and that I can help you find the freedom you helped me see yesterday. Namaste.

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