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Day 53 - OMG! Thank you!

Yesterday was the best day!

It was full of everything I needed:

friendship, laughter, down time, alone time, exercise, good food, cake, a massage, family and fun!

Thank you for helping me ring in 50!

Thank you to The Red Piano and Jason for hosting a place to celebrate my day!

Thank you for Paxchi’s for the amazing food!

Thank you to my beautiful friend Deya for her friendship and for bringing not just one but two cakes! That were ridiculously delicious!

Thank you to my parents for having me, never giving up on me and for tolerating all of my antics all of these years.

Thank you to my children who weren’t there because I picked a bar for the party. Oops. I am so grateful to have such amazing kids.

Thanks to Maria for watching the kids so my parents could come and for all she does for us!

Thank you to my Tribe. You know who you are and you know how much you mean to me. I love you fiercely, unconditionally and with all that I am. Long live The Tribe.

Thank you to all of my work people who see me through every day. Thank you for being amazing and wonderful to work with!

Thank you to my friends, both old and new. You make my life interesting, fun, and so much richer.

Thank you for all the amazing gifts! I will get actual thank you cards out but for now please know how very special and honored I feel.

Thanks for braving a fire to come help this fire sign welcome in 50! I love you all and am so incredibly grateful to each and everyone of you!

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