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Day One...

Life begins again each day upon awakening. If we are lucky, we begin each day with a feeling of newness. A clean slate. Today was the first day of my recent unemployment and I woke up at 6:32 am. For any of you who know me, this was LATE! Like 2.5 hours late. But needed. I am tired. Life has been an asskicking grind lately. Lots of trauma and drama and I am depleted.

So I did something new and gave myself what I needed. Today it was a delayed wake up and a long walk on the beach. Both were much appreciated and needed. Life on Day One was good.

My son returns to school tomorrow morning early. And then we begin the count down until he comes home permanently. I am excited and fearful. It has been a long time coming and this visit went well. I see the issues that still need to be addressed in him and me. And I also see the progress, also in him and me.

What I felt most today was grace. The loving grace of a power greater than myself. One that was content with my life just as it is, unfolding shitshow at times, sublime in others. I meditated, prayed, yoga’d, ate, met my responsibilities squarely, loved, liked, showed up and even was lucky enough to get a beach walk in. All in all, it was an exemplary Day One.

A really nice kick off to the rest of my life. Isn't that a lovely way to look at life?

I am grateful. I am processing. I am doing my best. And today that was pretty good. Tomorrow will be an early trip to the airport then lots of details to deal with. I want to get them all wrapped up so that I can just spend idle days writing, reading, sleeping, beach walking, hiking, yogaing, fellowshipping. Just to name a few.

The Buddha said:

Each morning we are born again, what we do today is what matters most...

And today, with my new birth into this most amazing day, I did what mattered most and that resulted in me having an even better start on tomorrow. I was present, in the now and did my best. A great place to start tomorrow.

And even though my routine was all messed up by my tardy wake up, I still wrote and did all my other self care things. I honored me, and my kids, and my parents. And the other people who needed or wanted something from me today.

Now I am in bed, content with a fantastic foundation for Day Two. But I am getting ahead of myself, I only have this moment right here and so long as I endeavor to do my best right here, right now, I am assured that Day Two will take care of itself.

Namaste and nighty night.

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