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Erin Schaden's Day Off

I took the day off. I didn't sing "Shake It Up" in a parade in downtown Chicago or skip school and be stalked by the principal. I didn't have fun in an art museum. I didn't ruin my best friend's father's car. And I didn't go to a baseball game. But I had a fucking spectacular day!

I slept in. Relaxed. Put my garden in. Puttered around the yard. Took a hike in the woods with a friend. Had dinner with my daughter. Played with the goats. It was a fantastic day...I even went to the dentist and I can call that good too...which is a stretch for me.

It was a lovely day. I love my life. I love where I live. I love my family, my kids, my friends. I love this day. This one just finished. It was a great fucking day.

I didn’t win the lottery or anything but I was in my day...every moment of it. I wasn’t angry one time and I was happy...really, really happy. It was an easy day to be Erin...and that is not always the case for me. Many days it is very hard to be Erin. But not today. Today it was a piece of cake!

So whatever loving force exists in this world, thank you. Thank you for this day in this life. That is all.

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