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I used to call them shitshows. And I may do so in the future...but for now, I am substituting in fireworks instead of dumpster fire or shitshow or any other negative connotation I have ascribed to life doing what life does...going up and down, things blowing up, things calming down. This is just the way life is.

A wonderful human that I am coming to know pointed out the difference to me, and really, I never, ever, before he said this, considered that my perception was coloring and altering my life in a negative manner.

Fireworks connote something very different than a shitshow...fireworks are beautiful, light bringing, powerful, social and exciting. They can also be scary and dangerous. But on the whole they are fun and bring people together, they are unifying. Shitshows are none of the above, they are messy, smelly, and poorly attended. Everyone at a shitshow wants to get the hell out of there.

My perspective has been shifted...I see that my labeling life being life as a shitshow, dumpster fire and other names like that, predisposes me to see, feel and experience my life in a negative vibration. Changing one word, firework instead of shitshow, really has the power to reframe whatever it is I am walking through. Moving me from a negative vibration to a much more positive one. And believe me, I am a huge fan of positive vibes.

There are a lot of fireworks going on in my life right now. It is all a grand adventure. I am doing my best to stay positive and calm. I remember in the moment that everything that is happening, is happening for me, not to me. This is the most fundamental psychic change I could ever experience, moving from the hapless victim of life’s cruel jokes and schemes, to an active, vibrant participating member of the collective we that exists, loves, lives and feels.

I have always loved fireworks, and I might have been guilty of setting off quite a few of my own over the years. In fact, I am pretty sure there was at least a decade that I was a continual, perpetuating fiery display that most of the people in my life were tired of, deafened by, exhausted over and completely not enjoying anymore. And I can include myself in that, the show was long overdone and I was not even enjoying it anymore myself.

Life is a series of subtle shifts in perception...I only need to be open and willing and as honest as I can be. I will see the shifts, the life altering but subtle changes in my reality when I am willing to pause, take a step back and go for the love instead of the fear. Fear has only one purpose, to shut me off from the sunlight of the spirit, keeping me in everlasting darkness that isolates me from the wonderful life that is happening all around me. Love also has only one open me up, move me towards the Divine in everything and use me to serve others so that they too can be happy, joyous and free.

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