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Girl's Trip!

We leave today for Big Bear to go snowboarding.  Well, some of us will be snowboarding...I will not.  I have long since made peace with the likelihood that I hurt myself and totally mess myself up is greater than the amount of fun I would actually have.  I accept this as fact.  Besides, my neck is all jacked up right now because I slept with the wrong pillow.  Yes folks, that is where I am now.  I didn’t have my ridiculously expensive down pillow for two nights, couple that with those horrible airplane seats and now I am totally fucked.  I swear no one told me aging would be like this...


We rented an amazing house and we are off to spend a few days in the snow, resting, recuperating and least those of us who will not be skiing or boarding.  My daughter will be on the slopes every second they are open and is more than a little peeved about the fact that they aren’t open earlier and later.  This from a kid whose normal wake up time is at the crack of noon. That is how much she loves snowboarding!

The rest of us are going to soak in the hot tub, lounge by the fire, watch movies, eat good food (not good for us) and enjoy the easy comfort of being a girl gang.  

It wasn’t always like this for me.  In fact the prospect of going away with three other women would have made me leery and edgy.  I wouldn’t have admitted that I felt that way either.  I would have been all chill on the outside but on the inside I would have been protecting myself and bracing for what was to come.

But I don’t think I have ever had a group of women that I trust this much.  I don’t think that I have ever had a group of women I respect this much.  I know that each of them will tell their truth, whether or not I like it and will take care of themselves which is so nice that I don’t have to be concerned about doing that and I can just worry about myself.

I do not have to worry about someone getting mad at me for no reason other than that is what she does every single time we are together, or being mean to me for no other reason than she hates herself.  I can just be me and they will be them and it will all work out just fine.  I cannot tell you how much peace it brings me to have these kind of women in my life.

One of our group can’t join us because she has a prior commitment out of town. I am bummed that she won’t be there because I love what she adds.  Next year no out of town weddings!

I am grateful for a job I can take with me wherever I go.  I can manage the chaos from anywhere really but will also be able to get some down time as well.

I look forward to the snow, the cold, the snuggly confines of the lovely home we are so fortunate to rent.  I am grateful for the time with my daughter and that she is willing to go away for the weekend with me and my friends.

I am super excited that I took Christmas down yesterday and will return home to a house that is ready for the new year.   This week is one of my favorite times of the year - this week between Christmas and New Years.  I enjoy the reflection on the year past, the hope and prospect of the year to come and the intentions that I set every year for the coming annual.

I can think of no better place than to do this with my girl gang and my kid.  I am grateful, I feel so incredibly blessed and look forward to the laughs that are imminent.  I am so very grateful to be sober and to have found these amazing women I call friend.  And that I have gotten to be a sober mom to this kid that I love with all that I am.  The fact that I get to combine the two this weekend is such a gift.

See you on the slopes...well, at the lodge at the bottom anyway which is perfect place to watch my girlfriends and daughter and cheer them on.

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