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Lazy, Hazy Sundays

I am late with the writing today. It is ok, it has been a wonderful morning. Each thing flowing into the next, no schedules, time tables, or agendas. Just waking up, and living. Peaceful abiding. It has been lovely.

Now I sit in bed, the sky supporting my need for rest and providing me the cover story of a sky threatening rain. Returning to bed seems a reasonable agenda. To sit and read and write and relax.

I am humbled by my life. This life right now. Nowhere to go and nothing to accomplish. Just present presence which always seems to be filled with joy and peace.

I am not sure how I lived so many days before driving, driving, driving, constantly always driving for outcomes, opportunities, wants. But today, I sit in my simple room, candle flickering and I am content to just be. Be here, be now.

Seems to me that I keep getting new lessons on an old story, all of life happens here and now and if you are able to appreciate that you are happy evermore. So today, I am content on this hazy, grey Sunday with nowhere to go and nothing to be. I pray that you are too...

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