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Morning Magic

I am an early riser. I am up often long before the sun. So I get to hear the world wake up every day. I sit in my bed, writing, and hear the backyard come alive. I know, because I have listened, that it is never the hummingbirds that are up first, it seems that their maniacal energy makes them languish in the early morning light. I can relate to that. I am awake early but I often spend hours in bed before I begin my day. Then, once I am up and launched, the hummingbirds and I have a great deal in common in how we flit about from one activity to the next. So I like my idea that right now, they are lounging somewhere as well. Gives me permission to be right where I am a little longer.

I know that the songbirds always start the morning first. Never the crows. They own the morning, almost like it is their job to wake the world. They are dedicated professionals, they never are late and they never call out sick. They are here, every day, singing their hearts out to bring us all a fresh start to a dawning day.

Later, the crows begin their mad hunt for whatever it is they do all day. They always seem so busy but I never really see them doing anything. They call out to each other, almost like children so in the summer air. Flying here and there, looking for things to catch their interest.

In truth, I love them all. It is the reason that I get up early (well one of them). I like to greet each new day with awe and inspiration. There is a time in my backyard when the symphony of birds melds with the daybreak and makes me forget about living life. I mean it takes me away from the things to do, routines to obey, the grind of daily householder living and helps me remember that I too am just a being. My human form a liability in this realm. I know too much as a human. I feel too much. I gloss over way, way too much. And my big brain make me miss so much of life that is occurring all around me.

It is the morning magic that tethers me to this natural world that is the foundation of all of life. Nature in motion is something that I get to enjoy everyday. I don’t have to go camping or even on a long hike. I can just lie in bed and watch the world wake up with awe and fascination every single day. You can do it too, regardless of where you live. It might be city pigeons that you listen for but they will share their magic with you, I swear.

I breathe deeply and let all the light and song sink in. I hear, I see, I smell this beginning of a new day and it orients me to the place and time in my life where I am here. I am present. I am alive. Nothing to do, nowhere to go. In this moment, all is well. So amazingly well. The morning magic created in my heart, my head and my soul. And it happens because I allow time to unfold slowly, so I can really be here now with the morning magic as it beckons the new day.

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