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God, I have had so many. Many I have squandered fruitlessly. Many I have taken full advantage. What I am in awe of this morning at 3 am is that I have them at all. So many people just hit the shit lotto. They are passed over or under by life, sidelined, never quite being able to get “there”.

This morning I am up early because I get to drive to San Luis Obispo to talk to a room full of strangers. People who are interested in knowing more about what I do, why I do what I do and how I do what I do.

I did nothing to make this happen. I showed up at a happy hour event. That is all I did. I just showed up one time to a thing, made myself uncomfortable by putting myself out there and talking to strangers. I gave a couple people my card, and someone actually called me. They also referred me a delightful client. She has touted my name all over the SLO area which has directly resulted in me being asked to speak to about 85 people this morning.

I am up early, happy to be able to show up and take any and all advantage of the opportunities this life continues to provide me.

I feel blessed and favored and cared for on levels I never knew were possible. I am happy, content and kicking around some pretty amazing concepts in my old noggin right now. Ideas about how to take all that I have learned sitting ringside to relationships and marriages gone wrong for 28 years, ideas about how to perhaps maybe help people before they have to break up or divorce. Exciting stuff - more on that later...

Today, I am just grateful. Humbly blessed to be given yet another opportunity to live my life and support myself through my own efforts. Sometimes I have to pinch life feels that surreal some days.

Today, I thank the powers that be for my life, my intellect, my ability to show up and for the mental faculties that remain. And I will endeavor, today, as I try to all the days, to use my knowledge, information and heart to serve others. And to not squander this amazing opportunity to be of service. Thank you.

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14 abr 2023

Hope this went well for you… and I am glad you “showed up”.

Me gusta
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