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Season of the Soul....

“I notice that Autumn is more a season of the soul than of nature” Frederich Nietzsche

YES! Fred, this is exactly what I have been saying.

For some of you, who do not share my feelings about Autumn, you can stop reading now, and for those of you who thought I covered this topic completely the other day, perhaps time to move on to Tik Tok reels...

But for those of you who share my love of Fall and find this time of year to be the time of soulful change, then read on! Please and thank you.

I feel more alive right now. I do every year. It is like life has taken on all new meaning and purpose. I am not sure what that is, or what I am supposed to do with it, but I feel it all the same.

When the light changes, so do I. I am more conscious and aware of my surroundings, nature, wildlife, people, feelings, myself, you and your feelings. It is as if as the temperature drops, and the light fades, things are revealed to me that are just missing or overlooked the rest of the year. I can only see what I see in the Fall because of the light changing, and the falling temperature.

I require these two things to resolve to gain access to parts of myself that are hidden, or just out of reach the rest of the year. So for me Autumn is a season of soul, and that feels more true that it being a season of nature, but to be clear, it is both always. Just for me, one more than the other.

I look forward to a time in my life when the tides are the time keeper of my days, the seasons dictate my actions and inactions. I long to be in a lonely wood, tending to my animals, my home, a garden, writing, reading, hiking and resting. This is what I crave and Autumn only adds fuel to this particular fire. I want to disappear. Not completely reclusive...but live each day as stated above, mixed with some travel and guests who visit to enjoy the solitude and quiet I have found. And Autumn makes it all feel possible, in fact, for the moment, I feel like it is already here...

Autumn’s allure and mystique invigorates my entire being. From what I wear to bed, to what I wear all day, to my thoughts moving inward and nesting peacefully in my mind. No gnarled troubles, just a safe sanctuary I can escape to at any time. I find myself wishing to do less and less and with that comes an inner peace that I cannot touch the rest of the year. The smell of the air is almost like the scent of a lover, beckoning me back to myself over and over again. The crispness of the air, the bite when I walk the dog every bundles me up and allows me to feel safe and alive and purposeful.

So in this soul time, I relish. I delight. I love. I go within and find sanctuary for myself and in so doing, find peace to give to others. I am content in this season of soul. And grateful to it being a season that comes every year. A soulfilled season that grows me up and out, and in and deeper, every year, with every falling leaf, with the subtle changes in the quality and quantity of light, with the coolness of air, causing me to seek shelter in delightful sweaters made of soft fibers...and well worn leather boots...

I nestle down this morning while I write, cashmere robe around my shoulders, moth ravaged but still comfy, somehow increased in value to me with all its imperfections, a testament to all the seasons of Fall it has me, a little worse for the wear but still holding her own.

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