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That. Was. AMAZING!

I am still processing so more on Taylor Swift tomorrow. But I wanted to put it out there that I have NEVER been to an event where EVERYONE was kind, positive, complimentary, thoughtful, gracious. And I mean EVERYONE. I didn't hear one negative word the entire night. The security staff was polite and kind. The workers were happy, gracious and helpful. The attendants were happy and went out of their way to compliment and smile at each other. I have never experienced something like this before. Humanity, all gathered together and I didn't see one overly drunk person, I saw no one causing problems.

We were with 80,000 fans and then all the workers who made our attendance possible and I didn't see one small or large ugliness, not one.

Women overtook the men's bathroom. The men just handled it. They weren't offended. They didn't appear pissed (pun intended), they just granted us passage to use their facilities, each of them seeming to realize the unqualified injustice that the women's bathroom line was at least a 45 minute wait, the entire night.

The lines were long. All of them...for food, for merch, for drinks, for the bathroom...but even with all the waiting, I didn't see one person acting out. And I walked around. After a little while, I began looking for someone behaving badly just because it would be an anomaly. I never found one.

And that is fucking amazing. All those people, compressed, asked to endure long lines, waiting for literally everything and every single person brought their very best selves to honor Ms. Swift. And I think we did her justice. Giving back what she gives us. A sense of belonging. A feeling of safety. An acceptance of all that being female entails. A love for each other that surpasses all the bullshit.

I have more to say on the subject and a ton of footage so there will be more to come. For now, I am just reveling in the afterglow. I kind of feel like I took a giant bath with 80,000 other people, washed with positivity, kindness and a kind of grace. And I am better for the experience. I want to be kinder, a higher version of myself. And I want to share that with others.

And given the amount of glitter my daughter and I put on last night, we will have no choice but to share our sparkle with you...for months to come. (Yes we really used that much glitter).

As with all life experience, it has the capacity to change alter you, and it feels most often that I tend to focus on all the hard, painful things that force me to become more me and less me at the same time. But last night, I was changed by the positive for the positive. And I am humbled that one young woman could amass such a following. The light and joy that is Taylor touched each of us, sending sparks to our interiority and igniting us to embrace ourselves and each other with the love and femininity that only women can do.

Taylor is amazing. And so now are we, more amazing in her afterglow.

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