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The Ongoing Gifts of Sobriety...

One of my BFFs has 14 years sober today.  I am very grateful she is in my life.  I met her when she first moved here, and have been friends pretty much ever since.  I love celebrating other’s on the path.  It is life affirming.  To see others recover too.  To see the people you come to love and rely upon and hang out with, to see them rise up, dust off, and fucking recover is amazing.

We get to celebrate her tonight.  And in so doing, we celebrate all of us.  We all made it out, just for today.  Today we are all here, relatively sane and working always towards uncovering more of the stuff that caused us to become committed to a self destructive mission in the first place.

There is always more to discover, about ourselves, about each other, about our lives.  And we walk this path together, helping each other out, and in so doing relieving ourselves of the plague of self centeredness that almost killed us.

So today I will celebrate my friend.  She is a miracle, surrounded by lots of other miracles.  It is kind of a thing.  Like a big fucking thing.  And I am so grateful for her and to her.

Happy 14!  Long may you toil on the efforts and rewards of being happy, sober and free!  Thank you for making my journey so much more fun!

Congratulations on 14 years of living the miracle one day at a time! May this next year bring you all your heart's desire.

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