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Wayne Gretzky

I have recurring dreams. Wayne is in one of them. He just appears randomly (I am sure that it isn’t really random at all) in various dreams about lots of different subject matters, lots of different themes.

Last night he appeared in what I believe to be an anxiety dream about going to visit my son today. I am super excited to see him but I am also a bit afraid. I am worried that we will fall into an old pattern and the visit will not go well. I am worried that my daughter who is going with me, will feel left out and then I will be caught in their historic crossfire. I am also worried or anxious about nothing at, driving in the snow, Grace being bored, work issues, home front issues.

I was kind of a mess last night. And that showed up in my per usual.

So what does this recurrence of Wayne Gretzky mean?

I really have no idea since it wasn’t until this morning that I actually began to wonder why the greatest hockey player of all time (and a hottie to boot) keeps showing up in my dreams...

Last night he was a trivia answer in a game I was playing at my son’s school with all the kids. Then he became a research project that was part of the curriculum at the school that I needed to participate in. I wanted him as my subject matter because in the dream, I somehow knew him and wanted to get him to appear at the school. Wow, my ego is large even when I am sound asleep. That is new information...

Anyway, I guess if you have to have a celebrity sports hero show up repeatedly in your dream world, Wayne is about the best there is. I am very grateful it isn’t OJ Simpson, that would not be good.

Over the years, good old Wayne has showed up as a date, a boyfriend, a boss, and in countless other minor roles in my non-waking life. It is strange, I know.

Last night I think he appeared because I was feeling really defeated and powerless so I think perhaps maybe Wayne shows up when I feel less than. When I feel like quitting. Wayne perhaps embodies success, perseverance and fortitude. I mean, you don’t get the moniker of “greatest hockey player of all time” for being anything less than a champion. Perhaps I needed a little championing last night. And good old Wayne showed up for me. Thanks Wayne!

I guess I might never know why Mr. Gretzky shows up in my sleeping life. Why he has made guest appearances for most of my life while I am sleeping. I don’t know now and maybe I never will. But I will say that he is always good in my dreams. Kind, authentic, caring. And perhaps, weird as it is, that is who I have come to embody with active compassion and fierceness with...I don’t know, and yes, I do know I am weird.

I am feeling better and little less powerless today. And I know in some weird way, Wayne had something to do with that. So today, I am grateful for Mr. Gretzky. Thanks for always being kind and showing up in my subconscious and being a champion for good when I am flagging. I guess if you have to have a modern day sports hero as a recurrent guest appearance in your slumber, Wayne Gretzky is a great choice. So while the title of greatest hockey player of all time, may be debatable by many, he is tops with me.

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