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Day 355 - GREAT Days

I am sooo late posting today but that is because I had a great 24 hours! Had two really good days at work, went on 4 hikes in a 24 hour period, one trip to the hot springs, amazing dinner at one of my favorite restaurants and spent time with some amazing people. Does it really get any better?

Sometimes, it is so good to just reflect on how very lucky I am. How much my life, while it is often hard, challenging and rife with obstacles, is so blessed and amazing.

I lose sight of that sometimes and that is not good. But the last two days have been amazing and that has interfered with my ability to write about it...which is such a lovely issue to have.

Thank you universe for the last two days. I have thoroughly enjoyed every single minute of them...I am blessed beyond measure and I am so very grateful for this life that I have right here.

I am tired...and my evening writing sucks...which is why I honor the commitment to get up early and write every day. Regardless, thank you for the most amazing life. I would have missed it, I am so very grateful to the powers that be that I didn't quit five minutes before the miracle happened...

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