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Change in Perspective...

Sometimes you just need to move. Locations. Relationships. Bedrooms. Houses. Friendships. Whatever. Sometimes the move can be slight, other times perhaps something more drastic.

We moved bedrooms yesterday. Lots of reasons. Some good, some bad. We needed a perspective change. We also needed to provide room for my business. There were lots of reasons. We did a pro/con list before endeavoring to move all of the stuff from one location to another. This analysis brought a third move, it was kind of like musical bedrooms. But we slept last night in our new location. It was lovely. Quiet. Peaceful. Dog free. As much as I missed having the dogs with us, they have become amazing sleep disrupters. And neither one of us sleeps well because of all their movements and bed hogging. Leaving the dogs outside of our new room was both a pro and a con.

As with all decisions, there are always downsides. And this latest move is not without both. But when all was said and done, it was time to take our relationship and sleep back. So we did. And I slept so well last night. It was amazing. The rain seemed to send its approval and lightly patted the roof early this morning, bringing feelings of peace and wellbeing to my waking.

This solution has been available to us for a long time. But we didn’t consider it. We were too locked into the current paradigm to see that anything else was possible. Today, we keep the rewards of changing our minds and what room we sleep in.

The move makes sense. It also is requiring us to now paint our old bedroom which is now my new office, because it is the only room in the house that has not been painted in the last seven years. And it is in dire need. Dire.

And I think that is why we sometimes avoid attempting to seek a new perspective, often, the new look comes with a great deal of unexpected and unplanned work. That is daunting and can really put the brakes on forward progress.

Today, even though our home is unsettled and kind of a giant mess, our bedroom is not. We took only the things with us that really mattered to both of us. We are trying, somewhat successfully to whittle things down to the things we love and have meaning and let go of all those many things that do not.

The older I get the less I truly need. This doesn’t stop me from compulsively buying a bunch of crap, well, at least so far. But it will. I am committing to changing that too. Less of everything. Less and less which gives me more time for more of the things that truly mean something to me. Love, attention, taking care of myself and my body, long walks in woods by myself. Peaceful abiding in my life.

I think we often don’t try to see things from a new perspective because our current lives are so busy and fraught with difficulties, stepping outside our usual paradigm only seems like even more work to do. But in the end, it is these changes in what we think, what we discern, what we believe that allow for a greater life to unfold. And for collaboration and union to grow where individuality previously reigned supreme.

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