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Day 288 - On the Road Again...

So I have been looking at RVs...I have been all over the map. Literally.

I really wanted a Sprinter Van but lacked the $100k to get one. So I searched far and wide and found myself just chasing my tail. I thought about getting an old VW camper. But found that they are expensive, lack a lot of mechanical things that I would prefer (like air conditioning) and it is getting harder and harder to have them worked on. Having no car knowledge whatsoever, I decided against a VW.

Then I started down the sprinter road. I really want one and plan to get one, one of these days. But I just can’t afford one now. They are so incredibly cool but super expensive. So that will have to be my next rig.

The RV market is super hot right now so finding one is harder than usual. I would find one but it would be in Indiana. And I am not driving to Indiana...or flying and driving it home. So I was stymied. I gave up yesterday afternoon and decided that I would just rent one to go on vacation at the end of the month.

Then, as usual, after my surrender, I was driving to dinner with a friend and there she was sitting in a parking lot in downtown Ojai. Just waiting for me. I called, made an appointment to check it out after dinner. Drove it, checked it out and bought it. Easy!

I am super excited about being able to just take off and go. Being able to throw my kids and dog in the camper and head out to places known and unknown. I am going to just enjoy the ride and take advantage of the work from wherever you are status that is quickly becoming the norm.

I have owned several campers over the years: Class A (1), Class C (2) and Travel Trailers (2). I will own a Class B one of these years - that I have custom built. But that will have to wait a few more years. For now, I am super happy and grateful for my new ride.

I am also planning on renting it out when I am not using it. They have a site called Outdoorsy where you can rent your RV like Airbnb. As soon as I get it all decorated and appointed and, of course, named I will list it and hope that I can make a few bucks on the side.

I am so grateful that I know how things work. That when I surrender my will to universal will, it all works out better than I could have ever expected. Funny thing, is that I almost bought one on Friday that was 4 years newer, had a lot more miles and was $25k more expensive. I am so grateful for knowing that when I start pounding my head against the wall that I know to stop it and just be still. Create the space for something larger than what my own mind can produce. So grateful that universal will is something I have come to rely upon...

I think when the Mansbatical is up next month, I am going to start a new year of posts from the road. Not that I will take off for a year and travel (I wish), but that I will focus on what I learn while traveling. Adventure and travel being something I crave on an almost cellular level.

Today, I am very grateful for my life. All of it. The hard, the easy, the dark alleys that I walk without a clue as to why I am there. The long walks into the sunshine that lead me to paths unknown and joys to be discovered. In short, I am grateful for my wild restless heart that propels me forward all the time. For my willingness to say to life: “Ok, I am jumping in. You bring the net!”

Thank you universe for my latest, new adventure. Thank you for allowing me to take off and get a little lost. I have learned that getting lost is the best way to find yourself.

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