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Conversations with The Milky Way

I sat overlooking a reservoir last night. The Milky Way bright and watchful above me. Me present while the universe spun and shot stars across the night time sky. I held hands with the universe and watched its brilliant display.

I listened to music from times past. The notes floating in time with the universe as it expanded in front of me. I was there. I saw it. I felt it.

We talked of things earthly underneath the heavens. I was there, right there in that moment. Not wishing for more or wishing for less. I was just there with all that I am, a culmination of all I have been, ready to become what I am to be next.

Whenever I sit beneath a night time sky, I feel uplifted and amazed. I feel small but cared for. I am not sure why. I know my presence is not required. I know that my being is not so important in the grand scheme of things. I feel so small but I am granted passage to be there. I occupy space, perhaps just to witness the great expanse above me. I am there, a part of it, no matter how small. I am in it, and of it, and with it.

Life has not always been this way for me. I have not always marveled at the night time sky. I have gotten very lost in screens and people and things. I forget where I came from and where I shall return. Stardust we are born and so we shall return. But I can always find myself there, in the sky, really beneath but always in it. I make the most sense underneath a starlit night. Nowhere to go, nothing to do but be.

I do not understand all that is happening above me, just as I do not understand all that exists below me or even within me. I just know that I am a part of it all and I am grateful to be alive to have conversations with The Milky Way.

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