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Day 357 - DIS'ing

I am working on my relationships...I know what else is new? But I can see that a good measure of my own spiritual development is how I behave in my most intimate partnerships with other people. A good friend of mine, Paul, has helped me grow immeasurably in this department. I am so grateful for his counsel and experience. He has taught me so much just by sharing his own heartbreak with me.

We have spent a lot of time talking about DIS’ing.

I know you are wondering what in the hell I am talking about...




I needed an acronym to help me be able to quickly review my conduct to see if I am on the spiritual beam...and this helps me mostly figure out that I am off of it...

I have started using DIS’ing as a quick inventory that I throw around all day. In my relationship with my kids, animals, parents, friends...quick way to help me see whether I am spiritually fit or not.

I am sorry to report that the answer is far too often, “um, wow, again?” And to those of you who tell me that I am too hard on myself, I say “there is no such thing.” I am not over here flagellating myself with spiritual principles. I am over here trying not to be a selfish, inconsiderate liar. Let’s be clear, I am not wielding my power to oppress people, steal from them or cut in line. I am over here reviewing my behavior to see where I can do better than I did yesterday. That is all.

This inventory review process helps me see where I can do better. And I can always do better. Always...even when I think I am doing pretty well. And most importantly, I want to do better, every single day. I do not want to phone it in. I want to live all the days of my life, working, striving towards being better than I was the day before. I do not want to DIS life. I want to tackle the motherfucking shit out of it and eek out every single bit of growth I can.

And that is




So here is to HUC'ing the day...

Yes I am aware that that doesn't work...but it is my blog and so I say it does.

Have a great day out there. May you find yourself better in your review of you...always.

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