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Dogs in Baskets on Bikes...

I know weird topic for today. But recently I have spent time with someone and every single time we are together, we see a dog in basket on a bike. We have only spent four days together but we have seen four dogs in baskets which means that every time we have been together we have seen a dog in a basket on a bike...kind of feels like a sign.

He thinks so too so he looked it up. Turns out that Toto is the most famous dog in a basket of all time, so there is that...

His research further revealed that seeing a dog in a basket on a bike symbolizes human intuition, creativity, imagination and the hidden forces of nature that guide and direct the soul...

And oddly enough, spending time with this person feels kinda like that too. I feel more plugged in when I am in his presence. Like the spirit that resides within me, is magnified when he is around. I feel more soulful and that doesn’t happen to me very often...I mean, I already spend probably way more time than a lot of people thinking about all this stuff. But it rare that I meet someone who amplifies me like this.

I talk a lot about alchemy and crucibles. I guess, in part, because I feel like I have a lot of them and I am always and forever trying to process them and make sense of them.

What I believe is that we are all vibrating at different levels on different wavelengths. And that vibration intensifies and really becomes intense when two people are vibrating at the same level AND are on the same frequency.

I know that is likely a little out there for some of you, and you are likely thinking, her California is showing. But let me break it down to a less California idea.

Think about a time in your life where you met someone new and for no real reason you can point to you just clicked with them. You felt better in their presence, they felt better in yours. This could be romantic, sexual, familial or just a friend. This seems to happen to me all the time. I meet someone, usually a man (I am not sure why) and there seems to be this energy that is present that makes me more, like turns up my frequency and meter.

My friend Alan that died last year, he and I had this. We met in a professional setting and that first connection drew us together to come to spend many lovely hours together. We talked, we connected, we loved each other. It wasn’t sexual. It wasn’t romantic. It was a pure adoration and recognition for the soul of another. I saw him. He saw me. Each of us was increased in the presence of the other. I miss him terribly and think of him all the time. Because once you connect with someone like that, you love them forever even after they have moved onto to whatever beautiful next life waits for them.

That is what spending time with my dog in basket on a bike man is like. I feel completely peaceful and acutely alive. I am more me, I am more here. I am grounded and flying high at the same time. It is a wonderfully strange experience.

As a human, I search for meaning. And I find it. We as a species search for meaning in all that we do. At least we have this far in our evolution. I think that perhaps this might be the first time in our common history that we have stopped searching for meaning and are now instead more content to just numb out, disassociate and attempt to avoid all that we don’t understand, fear or dread.

I feel, perhaps incorrectly, that we are at a place in our human evolution where we are being asked spiritual questions, and by and large, the masses do not understand the question. The question is simple: do you choose love or fear?

The answer is apparent for all of us if we look how we live. In everything we do, we show who we are. We choose love or fear in every moment, in every day. We choose it at this most fundamental level and quietly we become the sum of our choices.

The greatest thing about vibrational frequencies, spiritual paths and the everlasting battle between fear and love is that we are provided an almost endless supply of opportunities to choose love. Over and over again. The universe keeps fielding us situations/people which are all really opportunities to love instead of fear. Look at this in your life. It is there, every minute of every single day, you get to choose and it is never too late to choose ever.

I believe in signs. I believe in love. I believe that the experience of God’s loving kindness comes to me in and through the other beings that I share the planet with...and sometimes I am made aware of some new vibrational level I have attained while walking down a city street watching dogs sail by in baskets. And it changes everything in me...forever.

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