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Dry January...

It is the time of year when we all collectively and individually begin some new form of self care.  It might be the gym, running, eating plans, dry January.  Whatever.  It is the time of year where we all make plans to improve our selves and lives.

This is my 29th Dry January.  So I was doing “dry January” before it was a thing...not that I am a trend setter.  No, just someone who became very good at burning her life to the ground and so was forced into taking a very hard look at the way she was living her life.

Poorly. I think that was the general consensus...I was living my life poorly.

What I have learned over my last 29 years of dry January is there are a million ways to improve yourself and there are likewise a million ways to let yourself down.  Alcoholics and addicts are not the only ones who become experts at fucking up their lives.  Everyone I know could use some help making a few changes that would drastically improve their lives.

This concept of “dry January” kind of confuses me though, I mean have people really drank so much over the past few months and weeks that they need an entire month to dry out? That seems like an issue, to me, anyway.

Whatever the reason people end up taking part in dry January, I support it.  Taking a month off of substances is always an opportunity to see what you and your life is like without them.  And I have a feeling that dry January refers only to booze, allowing people to partake in other mind altering substances during their period of abstinence from alcohol.

This would have been a place that would have made me a little envious.  I mean, “THEY” (whoever they are) are able to just put down the sauce and pick up the pot or adderall or whatever.  Sometimes in years past, I felt like, “Why the fuck didn’t I think of that???”  But I know today that no matter what I would have always picked up the booze again, likely within a couple of days.  For me, the only way I have a prayer at living a decent life is if I am totally, 100% sober.  No chemicals, no mind altering substances of any kind.   This is the only prayer I have for living life at all, let alone having a decent experience while I am alive.

There are all kinds of sober apparently.  But there is only one for me.  That is sober, sober.  I have to do this deal every day and not just for dry January.  My compliments to you if drying out for a month allows you to jump back in and soak yourself silly for the next eleven...but that is just not my experience or ability.  I have to do this whole sober thing, every single minute, or I am a goner for sure.

So for all of you who might have a problem, I am here to help.  I have no desire to preach to you or call you out for your stuff, I am just here if you think you might have a drinking problem.  I have one of those and I have been recovering for some time now, so if you ever want to talk about it, please, let me know!  I am here to talk with about your dry January and perhaps beyond.  No charge.  No judgment.  Just happy to listen and share with you what I have learned.  Perhaps, we can teach each other something about life, about recovery and about each other.

My life was fundamentally changed once upon a time.  At a time when I was absolutely sure that alcohol was NOT the problem.  Today, everything that is good in my life, hell the fact that I am still alive today, is testament that my drinking was out of control and even a month sober wasn’t going to be enough to save me from myself.

If you can put it down for a month, while perhaps picking up other things to tide you over, my hat is off to you.  But if you are struggling and think that perhaps maybe one month will not be enough to manifest the changes you believe are necessary in your life.  Please reach out.  I am happy to be of service.  I have no experience with dry January, or really even a dry life.  I do have a great deal of experience with living sober, contentedly for years on end.  Hit me up.

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