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Erin Schaden's Day Off

My kids are gone.

I am alone at home.

I feel sad that they are not here but only a little. Mostly I am soaking up the time that I get to be in my own world with myself. I am here, in this house that I bought, and am sweetly, blessedly alone.


I have the next five days off of my two full time jobs: work and parenting. I so fucking happy right now! It is just me and I am content.

Please know that I love my kids and my job. I do but being released from them both for a few days feels really, really good.

My life doesn’t allow for a lot of down time. Just me time. I am a being in motion constantly and though I have gotten better at self care, I still really pretty much suck at it.

Today I am doing exactly what I want which included sleeping in until 6 am! I can’t believe it! It felt so good to wake slowly and cuddle with the cat. I am pretty sure she enjoyed it as well.

I won’t likely see a baseball game or be in a parade but today, I hope to have the kind of self affirming, life claiming day nevertheless.

I love this life I have and get to live. I am happy, content, joyful and relishing in my down time. And, of course, I am me so there won’t be a lot of down time...

Let it begin!

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