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Evening Stroll Revealed...

I took a walk through the meadow this evening, and was richly rewarded. I saw tiny toads, birds were singing their evening song which was rich with tone and meaning, their agile bodies reflected in the smooth glass of the pond. The air was crisp and dry and cooling.

I watched my dog enjoy the smells and sounds of the meadow, her having a wholly different experience than mine. I passed other people out enjoying the dimming day at the meadow. I am usually annoyed by the presence of others, but this time, I smiled a friendly, well intentioned smile, and loved them for their love of this meadow too.

On my way home I noticed a little roadside stand selling wildflowers. The stand was unmanned, relying solely on the honor system for payment. I found myself grateful to live in such a place that people still trusted and use the honor system. As I wandered home, my thoughts begetting feelings of worry about how long such a system will survive in our current climate. I didn’t bring any money with me so I simply enjoyed the beautiful flowers and moved on.

But as I moved closer to home, my heart cried out for a bouquet. I wanted to preserve the evening and its offerings of peace and contentment, to perch a little flower arrangement on my mantle to remind me of the peace and tranquility that exists right here at the end of my street.

I walked home, released the dog from her tether, retrieved the requisite amount of money from my wallet, walked back to the stand and selected two (one for the mantle, one for my bedside table) leaving the last remaining one for someone else to enjoy, which seemed a fitting antidote to my lifelong struggle with selfishness.

I turned to walk up the street, homeward. Me, walking down the street like it was some sort of aisle, me a bride with the small wildflower bouquets in hand, moving toward her betrothed, except the only betrothal in my present, is a home full of teenagers and animals all clamoring for needs met and items to be purchased...

But as I navigated the length of the street, now aisle in my mind, I decided to walk like a bride nonetheless. Why not be married that evening, if only to myself.

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