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I had a weird day yesterday. I felt a little clairvoyant. And the fact that I knew about stuff that was going to happen before it happened was not the weirdest was the energy I felt. Other people’s energy. And was then able to use that energetic information to tell what was going to happen next...

I know very woo woo...but I think it is something that is available to all of us all the time...we just miss it with our very busy minds and lives.

The first one occurred with a psychic which was weird since she was the psychic. She was thinking about renting my rental and I knew that even though she was taking the evening to think about it that she was going to say no. And she did. It was all about her energy. I could tell that she was trying to talk herself into it. But she knew it wasn’t right for her. And so did I.

Then there was this potential new client at work. I knew nothing about this lady except for a few basic pieces of information: name, where she lived, how long she had been married, that she had an adult son with disabilities. As we talked she told me more about her life and her marriage. I then asked what her son’s disability was, and immediately upon asking I was Angelman Syndrome. And then she said what I already knew: Angelman Syndrome. I have known exactly one person with this diagnosis in my whole life...I have no idea how I knew that her son had it and she was in shock that I knew what it was as it is very rare and no one really knows about it...but I did yesterday.

Back to the rental, I had another guy that was going to come look at it and we emailed back and forth all day long. He said that he would be here at 5 but I knew he wouldn’t show. He confirmed, he said he would but I knew the entire time that he was not going to show up.

Ok, it is not like I can predict the stock exchange or lotto numbers but yesterday I was plugged in to something. It was a day where I could feel and almost see other people’s energy even when they were only connected to me via device or phone.

It got me thinking. Maybe this is available to us all the time. Perhaps I am not special (I mean we all know that I am kind of special...) but perhaps yesterday because I was sick my regular senses were “off” so I was able to sense other things that are normally obscured from me...whatever the cause, I could feel things yesterday that are normally not present in my usual life.

I am sure that I have lost some of you in this blog but I swear yesterday I felt the energetic fields of people in a deeper way than usual. I am not sure why or even how but I did...

Where I ended the day was in a deep discussion with someone about God and Spirit and Divinity. And all the things that we think are coincidences which are likely more appropriately named Godinstances. Moments in time where the Divinity that swirls us all round is evident if only for a moment. God, Spirit, Creator, Loving Kindness whatever you want to call it showed up in my life yesterday in a major way using minor happenings to deliver a message. And I think the message was we are all connected and vibrating and have this energetic field that is emitting all the time. And if we slow down we can see it, feel it and are given a greater understanding of ourselves, our world and each other.

I am not starting an 800 number or anything but I am going to pay more attention to my own internal state because it is transmitting whether I believe it or not. Whether I think it is or not. Whether I want it to or not. We are all energy containers that likely do a poor job of using our bodies to contain the life force that is within us all. Perhaps this life force leaks out with important information, important, useful information about our world and our purpose in it. Perhaps we might all be given a better understanding of this life, ourselves and each other if we all paid closer attention to the minute happenings in every day life...whatever you want to call them.

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