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It Makes Sense, If You Don't Think About It...

Ok, I totally stole this from this hilarious guy on Instagram that talks for his cats.  Check him out - Drennon Davis.  Anyway, his cats say a lot of the same things over again and that just makes it funnier.  

And today’s blog title is one of the things his cats “say” with some regularity.  

It could also be an unintended life motto for me.

So very many things have made sense BECAUSE I didn’t think about them.  And so many things makes sense IF I don’t think about is the thinking that causes all the problems!

And today I know I have a thinking problem.  It isn’t even so much of what I do or what you do, it is what I think about it all that makes me suffer.  Mostly that things should be different, that is something I think a lot.

If I own up to my most private inner thoughts here, then this statement of everything making sense if I only I don’t think about it might even be aspirational.  I mean if my thinking is what brings on the confusion, then why keep doing it?  Just roll with the stuff that makes sense, and try not to spend too much time thinking about it all.

And at the very same time, this whole thinking things makes sense when I don’t think about them, has gotten me into A LOT of trouble.  And when I am not thinking (which is rare) that means I am feeling which always trumps thinking no matter how hard I try to not have that be the case...and this is where things can go off the rails.  If I am not thinking about it and it is making sense, then all I am left with as a defense is feeling.  And that is a very dangerous thing.  I feel all sorts of things which then require that I think a whole bunch of things and then I form opinion and judgments based on things that I felt, then thought then acted upon and now I can’t stand me or you!

It is an issue.

So this whole idea of things making sense if you don’t think about it is kind of brilliant.  I mean Drennon’s cats are fucking happy as hell.  They wear ties and capes and seem to have a fucking brilliant life.  And Drennon seems to be making a name for himself with all the crazy cat posts.  Not gonna lie, my instagram consists of Taylor Swift and cat posts.  Oh and divorce shit.  That is what makes my world turn:  Tay Tay, Cats and Relational death.  God that is almost kind of balanced.  Or completely fucked...I will let you decide for yourself.

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