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Perfect Days...

I am not sure how I missed them before or if I just didn’t have them but it seems that the older I get the more perfect my days seem to me. I climb into bed at night and review the day just passed and I am blown away at how very blessed I am.

I live a pretty quiet life. No big upheavals, no major shifts. I just try to live every day and appreciate all that I have been given. I find so much pleasure hiking with my dogs, walking goats with my daughter, sitting on my back deck reading and writing, going to the beach with my son and dogs. It is a tranquil and peaceful that I could not have even fathomed before.

I live in such a place of beauty. I have lived in California for the past 13 years (more or less) and I rarely take for granted my spot between the mountains and the sea. I see beauty everywhere I go, every single day of my life. My daily commute to work hugs the Pacific coastline and meanders me home through canyons and valleys landing me at my front door.

Inside my house, I have spent the time and energy to make it a home. A place to unwind and relax, it is comfortable, clean and bright. It is my solace, my sanctuary and my retreat. I come home and walk through the door, so incredibly grateful for this place I am lucky enough to call home.

In my living room, I am usually met with a whole chorus of animals contented cries, the dogs bound to greet me, the cats open one eye from their favorite, yet ever shifting sleeping spot. aware of my arrival which is pretty good for a cat.. My teenagers are usually there too and while they are mostly engrossed in whatever ridiculousness is occurring on their screens, they most of the time, break away and come talk to me.

Evenings are spent in the hot tub, sitting outside, talking, dreaming, and just being.

So on this day when 26 years ago I had a life that I doubted daily was worth continuing...I am so incredibly grateful for all my perfect days in between. The ones that have added up to right here, right now, when I have all that I could ever wish for and more than this person deserves!

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